83M DP2 Platform Supply Vessel for Sale

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MMSI 00001 Deck Space sqM 840
DP TypeDP2 BHP 8733
Year Built 2019 Bullard Pull T 0
Location ChinaBerth P 30
LOA m 83.40 Crane Capacity T 0
Draft m 6Accommodation30
Fifi FIFI 1DWT4000

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83M DP2 Platform Supply Vessel for Sale

New Built – Ulstein Design

Class Notation:
DNV+1A1 Offshore Service Vessel, SF, E0, DYNPOS-AUTR, CLEAN DESIGN, Recyclable, NAUT-OSV(A), COMF-V(3), COMF-C(3), LFL*, Fire Fighter I, OILREC, BIS, HL(ρ), DK(+), BWM-T, SPS.
Flag: Singapore.

Vessel Performance
The vessel has good sailing and operating ability even at bad weather and complex sea condition.

Main dimension and parameter
Loa: 83.4m
Lpp: 76.5m
Breadth : 18.0m
Depth from Main deck: 8.0m
Deadweight: 4000 t
Onboard person: 30
Sea trial speed: 14.5knots
Service speed: 10~13 knots

Propulsion System
4 generator sets (2X1628 bkW Caterpillar 3512C and 2X999 bkW Caterpillar C32 )and 2 X1520 kW Rolls-Royce AZP85CP

Deck Machinery
Anchor windlass 1 Brake holding load:77.1 T
Capstans 2 Hydraulic capstans each consisting of:
One fixed warping head dia. 450mm, height 864mm.
Rated pull: 10TX0~30m/min
Tugger winches 2 Hydraulic tugger winch.
Pull capacities: 10TX0~35m/min (1st Layer)
Drum capacities: 110XDia.20mm [email protected] Layers
Drums: Two declutchable mooring drums with band brakes.
Drum capacity: 180mXDia. 44mm P.P. Rope @7 Layers
Two fixed warping ends.
Driving unit to be hydraulic motor.
Chain stoppers: Chain stoppers of Roller type with lashing screw.

Integrated Automation System(IAS)

Accommodation Total 30 person
Wardrobe, hospital, laundry, gymnasium, ECR, deck workshop and incinerator room

Oil Recovery Operation
There are 8 ORO tanks, symmetric located on PS and SB, also as liquid mud tank, brine tank and partial as LFL* tank. There is an ORO loading station and discharge station on aft starboard.

Load capability
Dry bulk: 255 m3
Fuel oil: 1475m³
Potable water:1055m³
Mud: 1295 m³
Brine: 1295 m³
Base oil: 265 m³
LFL*: 155 m³
Recovered oil: 660 m³

Max. density of dry bulk: 2.4 t/ m³
Deck load: 840 m2 , from fr. 35 to bow the deck load ability is 5t/m2,from fr. 35 to stern is 10t/m2.
Liquid mud, brine, base oil ,low flashpoint liquid and recover oil tanks are partly shared, drill water and ballast water are totally shared.

Fire Fighting System FIFI 1
Fire Fight System with Water: in accordance with SOLAS Charpter II-2, IMO MSC/Circ. 913 and rule of DNV.

Fire Fight System with Gas
Unitor 1230 clean agent system is a central manually pneumatic operated system with one cylinder for single space protection using Novec 1230 Fluid extinguishing agent.

Fire Fight System with Foam
Foam system for LFL* cargo tank system.

One Fi-Fi pump capacity: 3638 m3/h at 123 mlc
One hydraulic clutch for main engine and Fi-Fi pump
Two Fi-Fi monitors:
Rotation: 360 degrees
Elevation: -20 to +80 degrees
Capacity: 1200m3/h
Throw length/height: >120m / 50m
A lot of water spray nozzles:
Complete water spray system for vessel self-protection.
Water supplied from Fi-Fi pump by FFS adjustable pressure reducer.
Integrated control system with fixed touch screen control panel and portable panel for two monitors.

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