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AHTAnchor Handling TugIce BIce BreakerSSMVSub-Sea Support Vessel
AHTSAnchor Handling Tug SupplyJack UpJack Up VesselSurveySurvey Vessel
ASDTAzimuth Stern Drive TugCargo VCargo VesselTugTug Boat
AWBAccommodation Work Barge/BoatMPSVMulti-Purpose VesselUtilityUtility Vessel
CLVCable Lay VesselMultiCMulticat VesselWell InterWell Intervention Vessel
Crane VCrane VesselOSRVOil Spell Recovery Vessel
CrewCrew BoatOSVOffshore Support / Supply Vessel
DLVDerrick Lay VesselPSVPlatform Supply Vessel
DSVDiving Support VesselROVROV Support Vessel
ERRVEmergency Response / Recovery VesselSeis/ReaSeismic / Research Vessel



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